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This is simple and very fast-paced game set in near future technogenic Hong Kong city and you have to react fast. Bang! Loud explosion rocks huge skyscraper and you find yourself in midair with rope in your hands and thousands of feet below. Dodge falling debris, constructions and incoming copters, evade explosions. This "endless running" style game is easy to learn but hard to master!
JUMP - FALL - FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE - AND SHARE YOUR RESULTS ONLINE! (Current best result online is over 1200 meters, try to beat it!)

- Simple and addictive gameplay - play anytime, anywhere
- Awesome sountrack
- Stylish graphics
- Breathtaking dark and thrilling cyberpunk atmosphere
- Set new records, improve your results every time you play
- Share your results online with Google Games, get achievements and become the best
- More to come, watch for updates!